Things To Consider When Choosing Names For Female Dogs

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You must be exciting when you bring a female dog to your home. There are many things you have imagined to do with your new dog. Before you do all the exciting activities with your dog, you should give a name to her. How she can come to you if she doesn’t know that you call her. Thus, giving her a name is the most important thing you should do at the beginning you interacted with her. There are various sources of dog names for girls’ dog. You can use pop culture characters or the names of famous people. You also can use the dog’s unique traits to be her name. Whatever the names you pick, here are several things that you want to consider when you choosing the dog names. Have a look.

Avoid using the name of family members

There are no rules that have stated you couldn’t give human’s names for a dog. You can give your dog whatever names you like including human’s names. Even statistics said that most dog owners gave human’s names to their dog because they have thought that their dog was a family member too. However, avoid using the names for female dogs that exactly like one of your family member or having the similar sounds. For example, you have a daughter called Sue, but you give a name Rue to your dog. It may confuse your dog (or your daughter) when you call the names.

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It is recommended to use the name with two syllables

It doesn’t mean you cannot use the name with one syllables or more than two syllables. It just there are reasons why we recommend you to use two syllables names. One syllables names often make the dog confuse with other one syllables words, especially for a puppy who still has to learn so much. While more than two syllables names are often difficult to say, especially if you have to say it fast. The names could be tongue-twister and your dog could lose interest while you’re trying to say its name correctly. Thus, pick a name that is easy to remember and to say.

Don’t be too rush

Once you get the dog, you might have a feeling to give puppy girl names to your dog immediately. Don’t be too rush. Take a few days first to get to know your dog better and understand what personality traits it has. Maybe you can find the best name inspired by its personality or appearance, but be remember that some of personality traits can be changed as your dog grows older. Therefore it is recommended to use the name that could be long lasting until your dog gets old.

Pick unique names

Pick the names that are unique, and won’t make you embarrassed when you call out your dog in the public. Common names would make confusion to your dog and the others around which have the same names. Therefore, pick the girl dog names that are unique, so that your dog will stand out among the other dogs.

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