Strong Dog Names For Female And Male Dogs

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People keep dog for several reason. It is useful to help human daily task, particularly in rural area or farm. Another reason is for their characteristic, trait, size, figure, and color. If dog has strong character, strong dog names are preferable. Before putting name on your dog, let’s go back in time to know short history of dog.

In ancient time, dog was part of civilization to many purposes, mostly hunting. You might know that human did hunting to survive. Unfortunately, human was not too strong in sense and smelling area, so animal was needed to support their activity. That was the reason to start domestication for grey wolf. After many generations, new wolf turns into dog. For hunting and military purpose, strong names for dogs are required.

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Military Dog Names for Male and Female

Strong male dog names are easy to get and military area is good source of them. You may call dog as captain due to strong character to be leader. On the other hand, strong female dog names represent feminine, queenly, and hardworking personalities. Before going to the list, there is interesting matter about strong names for dogs. Zodiacs or Chinese Astrology has twelve animals and one of them is dog. Based on this Astrology, dog has personalities that resemble human. The portion is the biggest than eleven animals. People with dog zodiac tend to resilient, hardworking, honest, and have high sense of justice. You will get the picture about strong aspect from this point.

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strong male dog names

The next part is list of good strong dog names that can be applied. Pick one of them for your dog, both for male or female.

  • Alice
  • Alden
  • Andrea
  • Blake
  • Bernard
  • Boris
  • Baron
  • Carl
  • Caroline
  • Carla
  • Calvin
  • Duke
  • Eva
  • Earl
  • Kaiser
  • Khan
  • Merlin
  • Morza
  • Magnus
  • Paladin
  • Raja
  • Rex
  • Shah
  • Sparta
  • Yuri

From those names, some of them are suitable for strong boy dog names. You may call your dog with Khan for simple. Another name is Sparta or Spartan that refers to strong city in Ancient Greece. Even though your dog is no longer young, the names are not limited to age. Boy and strong are the character or personalities. For strong girl dog names, Caroline or Carla sounds lovely and queenly. Eva or Alice is also good for female dogs.

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In those strong dog names, each of names has meaning that connects to strong aspect such as fire, brave, bold, spirit, and fire. Just feel free to call your dog with such names in public to show your affection. Therefore, strong and powerful dog names will tell many things for your dog at all.

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