Sheltie Puppies Information, Characteristics And Pictures

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Most of sheltie puppies is soft and have sweet temperaments. If you want to have pets that friendly with your other pets, then this dog is right option for you. This dog is type dog that peaceful with other pet or animals and polite even with stranger. To build this dog confidence this dog need to be trained with extensive socialization rather than other breed. There are many superior classifications from this dog that makes this dog is right option for those who want to have dog in their home.

pics of sheltie puppies
pictures of sheltie puppies

First, this dog has high sensitivity that becomes hallmark. Just with verbal correction, they will wilt or becomes defensive when there are jerking people around them. Second, this dog has exceptional attentive and respond. This dog is easy for train especially if use light hand leash and calm voice instructional.The Shelties has quick reflect that makes them are actively reactive into loud sound or when people sudden touch them. Therefore, it is better for those who train and start this dog individual high-strung, do not do the practice in very frequent tension environment, has loud voice or house with too much rough. This dog type also often overwhelmed with small children jerky noise.

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The bad about this dog, the shelties can be unhappy when they are justify in long period of time by their owner alone. When they are justify without any companionship, their traits can change into destruction behavior such as destructive chewing, barking too loud and chronic, and have neurotic behavior.

sheltie puppies, sheltie puppy
mini sheltie puppies

The general behavior that related with shelties are they have excessive in barking manners, most of this dog has high pitch and piercing voices. Honestly, if your home is full with tension, then you need to think again when you want to take Sheltie dog. This dog has emotional sensitivity into stress in extreme and can lead into neurotically if they are living in family with problems. They need to live in a harmonious home. This dog also has great separation anxiety term. They need to get great companionship and better to not leave alone in home for too much hours.

This dog requires a lot of maintenance for keeping their health and behavior. Therefore, you need to have more time for brushing and combing this dog frequently. This dog has impressive look with lovely feather coat that have variety color strike. The athletic dogs with swift light foot that best for those who love dog for runner companionship.

The professional sheltie breeders will tell you on how you need to care your shelties in right. If you are busy person that do not have much time for involved in agility activity, advanced obedience, or in canine activity for your shelties companionship and training, then this breed is not recommended for you. Choose the Canadian Sheltie Breeders that give you trained shelties for your home. The sheltie dog often sounds alarm quickly when there are new sight and sound. This means that the owner should stop them equally and shows that the owners are means when they command the dg since they are sheltie puppies.

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