Military Dog Names For Male And Female

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Dog has been in human life since ancient time. It might be the first animal that human use for survival. When coming into military, dog cannot be separated. Many wars involve dog, particularly modern war and some of them recognize prominent military dog names. However, Roman and other ancient civilizations also incorporate dog as tool, support unit, helper, and weapon.

Simple utilization of dog is for hunting, but it is still applicable to use military dog names. It is not practically military area, but still include the capability. As you know, this animal is able to scout, track, and pursue. When it smells rabbit or boar, human will follow into target. After that, dog has two jobs. Firstly, it leads target into trap or easy area for shooting. Second, keep target at range where human can determine whether to attack or not. These things are reason to have military names for dogs.

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Why military dog names are important? As similar to usual dog’s at home, the name separates one to others. Moreover, names make it easy to train while calling dog’s name. Several military names are available. Keep in mind that having name based on military does not mean dog is for special purpose. Civil people have the right to use them, in spite of military resemblance to that name. Basically, there is no copyright or permission to use these names. You may student and want to call your dog as Apache. That’s not big problem. Why is Apache or Ace? Well, dog is your favorite friend while running on track. This pet can run fast to catch stick then bring it back without failed.

military names for dogs
military dog names male

The next list will show some military dog names that can be considered.

  • Ace
  • Apache
  • Bomber
  • Bullet
  • Charlie
  • Chief
  • Colonel
  • Dagger
  • Duke
  • Gunner
  • Havoc
  • Hercules
  • Hunter
  • Maverick
  • Max
  • Missile
  • Savannah
  • Sergeant
  • Sierra
  • Skipper

From those names, there are military dog names male such as Hercules, Duke, and Charlie. The names refer to particular gender and these three names are commonly for male. Other names are practically neutral, so you may use for male or female military dog names. There are Hunter, Gunner, Ace, Apache, Bullet, and Bomber. Sierra and Savannah are practically pure names for female.

Military dog names relate to branch, units, weapons, teams, rankings, or nickname. Military is about practical, tactical, and secret. The name might be code which is easy to remember and simple. The words are familiar, so dog will understand quickly when you call it to go around and play together.

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