Leonberger Puppies Information, Characteristics And Pictures

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What makes leonberger puppies interesting? For you who love giant breeds, the leonberger is one alternative option for you. This is steady dog with bolder and athletic body. The trait is calm and they enjoy much in swimming, playing with car pulling, tracking, and all activity that use their energy level. This dog is steadfast dog type that thrives for become unit part from a family. This dog characteristic is best for those who need big dog for protection serve. In 3 or 4 years, this dog develops its maturity and protective instinct. In this age, this dog becomes more discriminate to others stranger, therefore this dog should be never aggressive.

 pictures of leonberger puppies
leonberger breeders puppies

The voice characteristic has deep and imposes bark, and confident presence that will deter any intruders. The stability assumes for early socialization and sound tempered bloodline. To train leonberger puppies should start at three month. The obedience training is required into this dog training with heeling imperative because this dog can pull off their trainer feet with its powerful energy. This dog has determination for jumping to face and lead on into owner legs that makes its name for “lean-on-berger” dog.

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The hormones of this dog will raise and kick during adolescence age. In this stage, owner should respond to their dog training into consistent leadership and training. The protective instinct from leonberger to stranger is powerful. Therefore, when they are trained, they need to get more exposure more into people so that this dog can learn to recognize behavior that called with “good person”. With this, they are able to recognize and know the differences between someone who acts in abnormal.

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If leonberger breeders cannot train the leonberger careful, especially in socialization, this can lead them into suspicious dog into everyone and lead into defensive biting habit. In other side, there are also leonbergers that go into opposite side when they are not care without enough socialization which they become fearful with strangers. In order for training leonberger dog breed, there are several things that need to be attention.

For adult leonbergers training, they require more exercises for keeping their shape. But prevent them from getting hot or fear with overheating. When this dog breed is training in proper exercise amount, can make little hard for regulating giant breeds. You need to minimize exercises for leonbergers. Substitute the exercises with extra amount for supervision and companionship.

Do not let them alone too much because it can lead into leonbergers destructive and bored. It is ideal for those who want to breed leonbergers for having interest skill for canine training activities such as tracking, sledding, backpacking, pulling weight, and carting. With these exercises, will make your leonberger puppies body and mind exercises. Next to leonbergers health problem that common to see is bone and joint diseases. This dog also potential for succumb cancer in their middle age. This make this dog is having short lifespan.

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