Is Coconut Oil Good For Dogs And How Much?

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Coconut oil for dogs may be something unfamiliar for you. But some people already use it for their pets. Basically, coconut oil gives so many benefits for human. Other than that, it is all natural so human does not need to worry about the bad side effect. But how is it doing with dogs? Is it safety? Or is it risky? You as the pet parents should be exploring this thing because it may lead to something good for your four-leg kid or vice versa.

Is coconut oil good for dogs? Basically, yes it is good for dogs. It brings more benefits to the dogs. Coconut oil can fix things such as itchy skin, bumpy skin, and also issues with your dog’s digestion. And in this article we are going to show you several things you need to know about coconut oil for dogs. Check this out.

is coconut oil good for dogs to eat
is coconut oil good for your dog

Coconut oil

As we all know, coconut oil is the kind of oil that is extracted from the coconut. The coconut should be mature so it can produce the edible oil. The coconut oil is also commonly used for beauty products and also food. It contains high saturated-fat and also low-medium in triglycerides. Due to that reason, this oil can be touted as a good stuff for both human and dog. Not to mention the thing about coconut oil for dogs skin.

Health benefits to the dog

If you are wondering about how it works on dog, well, we will give the information for you. Based on the research, coconut oil can bring some benefits such as increasing the level of the dog’s energy, improving the coat and skin of the dogs, having something to do with the better digestion, and also decrease the possible reaction to any allergies for the dogs. These are just several benefits of coconut oil for dogs. Other than that, fatty acids that are contained in the coconut oil can reduce the dysfunction on the dog’s cognitive system. If you should put tablets or pills to your dog and they seem like hard to swallow it, you can use coconut oil to make the process becomes much easier.

benefits of coconut oil for dogs
coconut oil for dogs teeth

Giving the coconut oil to dog

Giving it to your dog will need certain dog and if you wonder about how much coconut oil for dog, we have the explanation. Generally, you can give the coconut oil 1 up to 2 times in a day and the amount should be adjusted with the size of your dog. You can go slowly especially if this is your dog’s first time. ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil is nice for the small dog and 1 tablespoon for the big ones. But, if your dog is experiencing obesity, you can give the oil once only in a day since it contains high fat in it. And coconut oil can also lead to weight gain. You better put close eyes on your kids. There are so many brands that sold coconut oil. Kidney issues could happen if you give too much coconut oil for dogs.

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