Irish Dog Names For Boy And Girl With Their Meanings

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Irish or Ireland is interesting to explore. People think Irish is similar to British or Britain. Of course, they are not completely wrong to assume such thing. However, Irish has its own culture, history, and language. When coming about Irish dog names, you will see some good words to call your dog.

Irish dog names can be divided into some sections such as for female, girl, male, and boy dog. It is much recommended to use feminine word for Irish female dog names. On the other hand, Irish male dog names should sound masculine and bold. For this requirement, you understand that trait and characters are the consideration to name their dog. Of course, some exceptions are inevitable where cute and girly name is for male.

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The key in Irish dog names is relationship between owner and dog. The name has specific function to let owner call his or her dog at easy. As you can see, dog is animal that looks like human counterpart due to behaviors and characteristic. It might be exaggerated, but everyone will agree with this statement. Therefore, some Irish names for dogs will wait such purpose.

  • Aidan, Aiden = fire
  • Aengus = Strength
  • Alby = White
  • Ardeen = Little height
  • Ava = Radiant
  • Brian = noble
  • Bridget = Irish Goddess
  • Carrick = Rock
  • Claire = Flat place
  • Colleen = Little girl
  • Conan = Hound
  • Darby = Liberty
  • Dublin = city name
  • Erin = Peace
  • Fergus = Powerful
  • Finbar = White hair
  • Flannery, Flynn = Red
  • Kerrigan = Little rock
  • Mellan = Lightening
  • Molly = Star of the sea
  • Orin = Dark haired
  • Patrick = Nobleman
  • Regan = The king’s child

Brian and Conan are recommended for Irish boy dog names. Brian is noble that’s good for dog with strong, elegant, and male characteristic. You may use briany to look feminine. Patrick also means noble which relates to St Patrick. This word is good for your dog. Other names are Carrick and Flannery.

For Irish girl dog names, some choices are available. There are Ava, Claire, colleen, Erin, and Alby. Ava means radiant to show extraordinary part of dog. Colleen is preferable name for little dog. If your dog has white fur, Alby is good option. Claire is usual name for woman. All of them are recommended words for Irish dog names female.

Only few of Irish dog names are listed here. Some of them are familiar as name for men or women. You may familiar with those words and feel easy to apply on dog. There are many names to explore which are too much to put in this article. Therefore, enjoy playing with your dog with excellent Irish dog names.

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