Indian Dog Names For Female And Their Meaning

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Indian is native tribe in America. Since long time ago, this tribe created cultural and tradition on their own which is different from others. United States recognizes Indian as a part of culture heritage, particularly American Indian dog names that involve some parts of their culture. They live in many states from Alaska, Hawaii, even New York. You will fascinate the way they use Indian dog names.

Why dog should have a name? Before exploring more about Indian dog names for male and female, you need to get the right answer for this question. Dog is more than animal as pet. Since ancient era, dog had taken part in many events, particularly in wars and survival. Latin name for dog resembles grey wolf, which means the strong connection with wild animal. It is human nature to domesticate wild animal for their advantage. Dog is not for food, but supporting life such as hunting, guard, or war tool. For such reason, dog needs name to identify, so owner can call it easily. Moreover, the name is important during training season that will determine its capability.

Some Inspirations for Choosing Cute Female Dog Names

Things to Consider When Choosing Names for Female Dogs

Indian dog names are chosen for many reasons. Firstly, the word is unique. You may use common name such as James, John, Alex, etc. However, those words are too familiar and predictable. This is the main reason to put Indian names for dogs.

indian names for dogs
indian dog names female

The next list is example of Indian female dog names. The names will be followed with meaning.

  • Makwa, nokosi, honan = bear
  • Koa, kitchi, maska = strong and brave
  • Kahuna, micco = chief
  • Yuma = son of chief
  • Kele = sparrow
  • Miki, mukki = little
  • Nikan = my friend
  • Rosene = rose
  • Sihu = flower
  • Hento = blue
  • Suki = black
  • Skah = white
  • Amitola = rainbow
  • Aponi = batterfly
  • Meda = Prophetess
  • Flo = arrow
  • Lulu = rabbit
  • Kanti = sing

All of them are only few of Indian dog names female. You can use the name with emaning chief or bear for big or strong dog. Neutral name is good such as Nikan, Suki, or Skah. They are friend, black, and white respectively. Rosene is one of favorite choices in Indian dog names.

The name for female dog is quite similar to the male one. You can see the character, size, traits, or any major sign of dog as the center point. Cute name such as Meda and Amitola is often used for female dog. Both words mean prophetess and rainbow. Another example is Flo that’s very easy to pronounce and it has meaning as arrow. Lulu and Kanto sound good as well which represent rabbit and sings. Therefore, they are recommended Indian dog names.

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