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Great dane puppies are cute (though every puppies are cute if you ask for my opinion), and great danes could be a boon to have when they have grown into a big, strong dog (they are not calling it great dane for no reason you know). They are a strong dog, and people of yore used them to hunt animals. Finding them is easy because there are lots of great dane breeders out there (in Canada at least) and if you manage to find one, you will have yourself a great dane puppy in no time.

But before I go further in writing about the mentioned dog breeders, I want to write about the great dane itself, perhaps enlightening you about this great great dog that roam the face of the earth. Now check out the article below to know more about the great dane :

blue great dane puppy
blue harlequin great dane puppies

The great dane and the history

Great dane is a dog that everybody loves as a dog (if that even make sense). Why? Because as a dog, great dane, in my humble opinion, is a dog for gentlemen and gentlewomen alike. Great danes are muscular yet lean. They are tall and they are a handsome dog, and I would like to get my hands on that particular type of dog if available. The tall and lean look of a great dane really shows its fearlessness, and they would make a very good guard dog if trained well.

black and white great dane puppies
black great dane puppy

People call it the Great Dane for a very pitiful reason (it is the translation of the dog’s name from French, which is Grand Danois meaning Great Danish), but a Great Dane is not pitiful dog. People has been using Great Danes to hunt animals, and they did so with their power and speed. Beside from being powerful and strong, Great Danes are easy to train and are friendly with little children, so people like them for being that way.

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pictures of great dane puppies
great dane puppy pictures

The Great Dane is a German dog (hence the absurdity of calling it the Great Danish because this dog has no relation with the Danish culture whatsoever) and is one of the oldest breed in the world, perhaps has been bred for the last 400 years.

You will find lots of colours and markings for a great dane, though the colour range is not as large as any other dogs in the world. This particular dog is available in black, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, mantle, merle, and white.

For the markings, you can get black markings, black mask, and white markings. Not too large of a selection eh? You should not discount the choice though, as having a great dane could be a wonderful thing if you like that kind of dog.

Great Dane Breeders in Canada

To get yourself blue great dane puppies and black dane puppies in Canada, you just have to pick up your phone and dial the dog breeder in your vicinity. One such breeder is DantryDanes, which is located in Ontario. DantryDanes has been a very trusted breeders and their great danes are always healthy to boot. They will give you lifelong support too, so if you ever found yourself having trouble with your great dane, go give them a call.


Gallery of Great Dane Puppies Infomation Training And Pictures

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