Female And Male Dog Names And Their Meanings

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Dog names and meanings are closely related. Good names with good meaning will bring good luck for you and your dogs.

Female Dog Names and Their Meaning

The following are several female dog names and meanings that you could choose for your dogs:

  • Abby (Always happy)
  • Anna (Awesome)
  • Bella (beautiful, Italian)
  • Birdie (Little bird; birdlike)
  • Brownie (Yes, the muddy lovable cake)
  • Chloe (love)
  • Coco (Chocolate)
  • Cookie (A sweet treat)
  • Ellie (Light torch)
  • Ginger (A spice plant with beautiful flowers)
  • Gracie (Classy)
  • Greta (pearl, Swedish)
  • Jill (Lots of personality)
  • Kate (Pure, Greek)
  • Lady (A civilized )
  • Lola (Princess )
  • Lucy (energetic and loving)
  • Maggie (precious)
  • Molly (Nickname for Mary)
  • Oreo (named after the famous cookie)
  • Pepsi (Black and full of bubble)
  • Rosie (cheerful)
  • Sophie (gorgeous)
  • Stella (Star)
  • Zoey (life)
 female dog names and meanings
male dog names and meanings

There are practically limitless dog names and meanings for your female dogs. You could find it almost in every source. There are also strong female dog names and meanings sources. Just pick the one that suits you.

Irish Dog Names for Boy and Girl with Their Meanings

Male dog names and their meaning

If you want male dog names and meanings, the following list of names for dogs and meanings may help you.

  • Ace (One, key success)
  • Alfie (counselor, guide)
  • Apollo (Destroyer)
  • Boris (warrior)
  • Casey (Brave)
  • Charlie (named after Charlie Chaplin)
  • Conan (named after the famous Conan the Barbarian)
  • Dingo (name of an Australian wild dog)
  • Doodle (from the tune “Yankee Doodle”)
  • Fergus (presence)
  • Gulliver (hungry)
  • Hugo (intelligent)
  • Jax (Child of Jack)
  • Jojo (The one that born on Monday)
  • Kirby (From the town)
  • Leo (Lion)
  • Loki (The god of mischief)
  • Milo (Quiet and peaceful)
  • Mustafa (Chosen)
  • Odie (Wood slope)
  • Samson (Like the sun)
  • Taz (Short for a Tasmanian Devil)
  • Valentino (Great health)
  • Wicket (A little entryway)
  • Yodel (Swiss Mountaineers tunes)

Indian Dog Names for Female and Their Meaning

You might want unique male dog names and meanings, the following could be of any help in finding dog names and meanings:

  • Bentley (Ranch with grass; luxurious automobile)
  • Byron (barns)
  • Dante (Everlasting; Famous poet)
  • Dynamo (vitality and power)
  • Gizmo (a contraption)
  • Zero ( “0”)
  • Hyde (dazzling)
  • Iggy (Blazing one)
  • Magee (Child Of Aodh)
  • Kahuna (cleric)
  • Mugsy (Gangster sidekick)
  • Nitro (Chemical, a component of explosives)
  • Noodle (a kind of spaghetti from China)
  • Ozzie ( Divine spearman)
  • Reece (Eagerness)
  • Ryder (warrior)
  • Scooter (Brisk movement)
  • Tonka (Toy truck brand)
  • Vesper (Evening star)
  • Vlad (To Rule)
  • Xander (Guardian of men)
  • Xing (Star)
  • Zazu (Movement)
  • Zoomer (Fast mover)
  • Pixel (Part of digital image)
  • Zuma (Montezuma)

Those are some of names for dogs and meanings. If one of the dog names and their meanings above might suit to your taste, then use it. Have fun!

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