Exotic Dog Names For Male And Female Dogs

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Thousands of names are available for dog, but some of them sound exotic. Before exploring about exotic dog names, you should know why the name changes everything. Dog is reliable animal to keep as pet. Since ancient time, people used dog to support many living tasks. There is no record about first domestication of dog, but ancient Egypt civilization recognizes them.

exotic female dog names
exotic male dog names

What do you have in mind about exotic names for dogs? There are many factors involve in this matter. You may call female dog as Bella due to elegant and queenly figure. That sounds lovely and exotic at the same time. Several exotic female dog names come from much cultural backgrounds. Goddess or heavenly being is often to be put for dog names.

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Exotic names for dogs will be listed below. Most of words are familiar, especially from ancient or old mythology.

  • Abram = name from Bible and the Old Testament
  • Ace = the best
  • Adonis = Phoenician god
  • Aphrodite = Greek Goddess
  • Ammo = ammunition
  • Apollo = Greek and Roman God
  • Ares = God of War
  • Atlas = Greek mythology
  • Banshee = spirit in Irish mythology
  • Bentley = luxury car
  • Blaze = flame
  • Butch = masculine traits
  • Caesar = Julius Caesar
  • Champ = champion
  • Chief = leader
  • Chopin = classical musician
  • Damian = tame
  • Delphi = town in Greece
  • Diablo = dark fantasy character
  • Gucci = premium label
  • Hercules = hero, Roman mythology
  • Jupiter = planet
  • Luna = Moon
  • Mustang = horse breed
  • Odin = Norse God
  • Pharaoh = king in ancient Egyptian

If you look for exotic male dog names, Ancient Greek has many good choices. There are Ares, Apollo, and Caesar. Ares is God of War that represents male trait such as bold, strong, masculine, hardworking, and resilient. Several names are diablo, Odin, Chief, and Mustang. You may consider premium or luxury brands as the names such as Gucci and Bentley. Even though the name sounds familiar, dog with these names looks exclusive. All of them are the part of exotic dog names.

Luna is lovely for exotic girl dog names. This word means moon. Several derivative words come from moon. Greek, Latin, Norse, and Roman are popular civilization in history. Many people use name from their myth for dog. Another option comes from India and japan.

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Exotic relates to distinction between one and other. Before putting exotic dog names, it is better to recognize personality, figure, size, color, and trait of your dogs. Once you use word to call them, it will be difficult to change.

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