Examples Of Dog Names For Boys To Consider

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Dog names for boys must be very interesting to have for your boys and also your dogs. Your sons that you love and your male dogs are very nice to have the same names. However, we should be careful with this since you will confuse your sons and especially your dogs. It is suggested to have different names for your sons and your dogs although the dogs can still have boys’ names. Take a look at the examples of boys’ names for your dogs below.

Names for boy dogs

Names for dogs are for you to choose. It is suggested that the names you choose are easy to pronounce to make the dogs easy to know their names. Here are examples of boys’ names that are interesting to be used by your male dogs, here are the examples:

  1. Alex, the short name from Alexander means defender that is great to have by boys and male dogs.

  2. Bill, the short name from William which means the protector is great for your male dogs.

  3. Carl, that can be after many famous people or film characters

  4. Eric, that can be after famous people like Eric the Red—the navigator and explorer who discovered the Greenland and after several European kings.

  5. Leo, that means lion is a great name for your male dogs

Boy dog names

Consider these names below for your male dogs :

names for boy dogs
Unique boy dog names
  1. Jack, the name which is common to name a boy that means God is gracious is great to be given to your beloved male dogs.

  2. Nick, a nice name for boys that means victory of people is also great to name you dog.

  3. Parker that means a gamekeeper of a park is a great name for boys that also possible to be given to your male dogs.

  4. Thomas, a common name for boys can be given to your dogs that means twin.

  5. Will, a short name for William is common to have by boys. It’s definitely a great idea to have by your male dogs that means a protector.

Unique boy dog names

Unique names for dogs are possible to be derived from anything. Some names can be after famous people, some can be derived from foods and drinks, Harry Potter characters, etc. All of them can be used for dogs everywhere in the world including in Canada.

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  1. Ginger, Noodle, Raisin, Macaroni, Won Ton, Cacao, Espresso, Nacho, Pizza, and Cola are examples of famous foods that can be used for naming your male dogs.

  2. Names after famous people are Keanu from Keanu Reeves, Foster after David Foster, Pierre after Pierre Trudeau, Kiefer after Kiefer Sutherland, and Fox after Michael J Fox.

  3. Harry Potter, Hermione, Sirius, Cedric, Tonks, Lupin, Weasley Gryffindor are examples of Harry Potter’s characters that can be used for your male dog.

Good boy dog names

Here are the good boy names for your male dogs with great meanings that can be prayers for anyone including male dogs with these names to be good.

  1. Cedric which means battle leader

  2. Joshua which means the God recues

  3. Wyatt that means brave and strong

  4. Zack which means the Lord remembers

  5. Owen which means

Boy names for dogs

The names below which normally used by boys can also be used for your male dogs. You can take them into consideration.

  1. Antonio, an Italian name from Anthony that means beyond praise

  2. Benjamin, which means the son of my right hand

  3. Henry, which means home ruler

  4. Vincent, which means conquering

  5. Ryan, which means a little king

What do you think about those names which are nice to hear and have great meanings? Are you planning to use one of them as the name for your male dog? It is great if the article about dog names for boys can broaden your knowledge and give you inspiration.

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