Doberman Puppies Characteristics And Pictures

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If you want to have doberman puppies for your home, then this article can help you to find the right one. Doberman dog is good for family home dog as this dog accept enough exercise and training, especially socialization with children. Although this dog has popular for dog that has very aggressive trait reputation, but this dog can be great dog for therapy. Doberman dog can reach about 27 inches tall and the weight about 32 kilograms for male dog. In other side, female dog can reach weight about 27-29 kilogram and shorter about 2 or 3 inches from male. The body shape is square, with compact body built, powerful and muscular that makes great for speed and endurance.

blue doberman puppies, baby doberman puppies
pictures of doberman puppies

The appearance from this dog is elegant with carriage proud that becomes reflection for this dog’s nobility and temperament. With this dog reputation as aggressive dog, this dog is known and popular for guardian dog use. Doberman dog has exist 5 colors with the most popular color is black with brown as marking color. This color is the most common color for this dog hair color seen. However, this dog also available in 5 colors there are red, black, blue, fawn, and white. When doberman puppies have healthy body the hair from this dog look shiny and sleek.

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red doberman puppy
red and black doberman puppies

In a glance, Doberman has every qualification for guardian dog personality with its high alert, fearless, and loyal to their owner. This dog also highly trained so the owner can train this dog with pushover and intensive exercise. The doberman puppy has medium size when it grows to be adult so it will not too large for small house to care. The trait from this dog is energetic and watchful and obedient to their owner. For caring Doberman, it is important for carry good nutrition.

With short coat in their body, this dog requires minimal grooming for them. How about their training? Well, because this dog is very attractive dog, then you needs to take them intensive training and regular exercise for keeping their performance and maintain great physique look. The doberman pinscher breeders will not breed the all-white and all-black color Doberman because they are not the standard for Doberman breed.

white doberman puppies
white doberman pinscher puppies

Doberman pinscher is developed in late 19th century in Germany. The doberman breeders mix this dog from many dog breeds include german pinscher, Rottweiler, and black and tan terrier. As intelligence dog, this dog many use for government military and police use, canine sport and companion include guardian. They are easy to train. The lifespan for Doberman is about 10-13 years.

If you are looking for doberman breeders Ontario, then you can search the professional breeders that will give you not only guide for care your Doberman but also ensure that your Doberman is having good characteristic. It is important for ensure that your Doberman is good dog, because this aggressive dog traits. The trusted doberman puppies Ontario will help you to train your Doberman as good and professional guardian for your home.

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