Cool Siberian Husky Dog Names For Male And Female

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Finding great names for husky dogs can be quite easy because this kind of dog is very famous and often appears in movies. Adapting husky dog names from movies can be a good way especially if the movie gives special memories for you. Siberian husky is originally from Russia, so if you want to name the dog based on where it is come from, maybe you have to select a proper Russian name like Piroshki, Vladimir, Boris, or Olga. However, if the names are unfamiliar for your ear, you can select the one that related to snow like Alaska, or other northern characteristics which appear in your mind.

Balto is a very famous name for husky because it appears in a 1995 dog movie. The dog became a hero after led several dogs to pull a sled that carries diphtheria serum to fight the disease spreading in Nome, Alaska. Since then Balto becomes one of the most used husky dog names in the world. Another famous dog name from the movie is Togo. He also led the sled for more than 90 miles before Balto finished it with his team. These two dog names for huskies provide an emotional bond to the owners who are falling in love with the movie.

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siberian husky dog names male
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Name for Male Husky and Their Meaning

Choosing husky dog names must be matched with the dog’s personalities. The meanings are also becoming a consideration if you take those names from other languages. Below are some suggestions for husky dog names male.

  • Alpha = the first letter
  • Apache = a warrior
  • Astra = star like
  • Cherokee = a very popular American dog name
  • Chinook = a warm wind in the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean
  • Juno = come from the word ‘Juneau’, the capital city of Alaska
  • Other snow-related husky dog names can also be used, for example Eskimo or just Eski, Glacier, and Frosty.

Name for Female Husky and Their Meaning

The Siberian husky dog names above are better for male dogs so if you have a female dog, you may need to use other names like:

  • Akira = a very famous Japanese name for dogs, taken from a Manga that inspires The Matrix trilogy movies.
  • Alice = noble
  • Anna = full of grace
  • Aurora = one of the beautiful natural phenomena in the Northern Pole.

Choose the best husky dog names female from the list above. If you cannot find the best husky dog names yet, do not give up and keep exploring to find a special name for your beloved pet.

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