Canadian Popular Male Dog Names To Consider

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If you look for popular male dog names for your dogs, you should see the list below. The list is completed with names for male dogs popular in Canada. Names for any pets are very important. This will make the pet turn to you if he or she is called by his or her name. Calling names is important to understand commands.

a. Top male dog names

It is common in Canada to give names to their beloved dogs after famous people. Some people believe that names are prayers so the keepers who name their dogs after famous people probably idolize those famous people and hope that their dog is also great. Here is the list:

  1. Ackroyd. This is after the name of Canadian actor—Dan Ackroyd.

  2. Carrey. This is after the name of Canadian actor, Jim Carrey.

  3. Keanu. Who doesn’t know Keanu Reeves the Hollywood movie star? He is Canadian movie star who is very famous in the world.

  4. Pierre. This name for your dog is after the name of Pierre Trudeau—the former Canadian Prime Minister.

  5. Robert. This name used for dogs in Canada is after Robert J Sawyer—the science fiction writer.

most popular male dog names
Top male dog names

b. Common dog names

  1. Aidan, a Gaelic name for male dogs which means little fire

  2. Anthony, a Latin name for male dogs that means priceless

  3. Felix, a Latin name for male dogs that means happy

  4. Joshua, a Hebrew name for male dogs that means God rescues

  5. Theo, a Greek name for male dogs that means gift of God

c. Most popular male dog names according to a famous Canadian magazine:

  1. Buddy, which means best friend

  2. Christopher, which is a Greek name that means the bearer Christ

  3. Max, as the short of Maximus or Little Maximus

  4. Jack, which is a Hebrew name for God is gracious

  5. Hamlet, which is the name after the play titled The Tragedy of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare

d. List of popular male dog names

  1. Charlie, the name that comes from Charles–an original German name that means free man

  2. Cooper, the name from the middle English name Cowper that means a barrel maker

  3. Riley, the Irish name that is popular for male and female dogs.

  4. Rocky, with different meanings is so popular to use for male dogs. As a name is considered a prayer, so the rocky for dog name must have positive meanings.

  5. Toby, the name that comes from Tobias is a Middle English name that has positive meanings such as lovable person, caring, good friend, stylish, etc.

e. Popular names for male dogs based on Canada Living

More names for you to name your beloved dogs that also have good meanings and after Canadian famous people:

  • Chad, that is after Chad Kroger—the famous Canadian guitarist, that is also after the names of a small country and lake in Africa. It is also a name of a language spoken in Africa.

  • Floyd, that is after Floyd Sneed—the Canadian rock drummer.

  • Munk that is after Munk Peter—the famous Canadian business man.

  • Sultan, that is after Mark Sultan—the song writer, and an Islamic name that means ruler.

  • Serge that is after Serge Savard the Canadian ice hockey player. Serge is a short word for sergeant.

Now you have many popular dog names in Canada that have great meanings and after famous people to name your dogs that you love so much. It is hoped that the article about popular male dog names can give you inspiration.

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