Canadian Eskimo Dog Information And Pictures

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Do you want to have a pet? If you want to have a pet, the first thing that you need to do is deciding what kind of pet that you want. Do you want dog, cat, bird, or any other animals? Most of people choose dog or cat as their pet. Do you want to choose dog or cat? If you want to choose dog, you still need to choose what type of dog that you want to buy. There are so many types of dog, from the small dog until the huge dog. Each dog has its own characteristic. Have you ever known about Canadian Eskimo Dog?

From the name, Canadian Eskimo Dog, we can know that they come from Canada. This dog is often called as Canadian Inuit Dog or Canadian Husky. Why this dog is called Canadian Husky? It is because this dog is very similar to Siberian Husky. If we only look at the dog’s head, perhaps we cannot differentiate whether it is Siberian Husky or Canadian Husky. The weight of female Canadian Inuit Dog is 18 up to 30 kg, and the height is 50 up to 60 cm or 20 up to 24 inches. On the other hand, for the male Canadian Inuit Dog, the weight is 30 up to 40 kg, and the height is 58 up to 70 cm or 23 up to 28 inches.

canadian eskimo dog puppies
the canadian eskimo dog

This dog is often called as Inuit sled dog. The Canadian Inuit Dog is the result of the Arctic working dog. Mostly, this dog has white fur. Canadian Eskimo dog is athletic and well-built. Because of its strong physique, it is often called as powerful dog. They are not only speed, but they can also do hard activities. Canadian Eskimo dog has triangular ears, which are similar to the wolf’s ears. They have long hairy tail.

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The colour of the Canadian Eskimo Dog can be white, black, or combination of black and white. This dog is smart, brave, and loyal. This dog is also alert, so if you want to make them as the guardian of your house, your decision is right.

Basically, they live in the cold place, so if you want to make them as your pet, you should pay attention on the temperature. They tend to sleep in the outside when it is cold.

When you want to see the Canadian Dog breeds, you can go to the Canadian Dog Breeder. You should be careful to choose the right Canadian Dog Breeder. If you have decided to buy a Canadian Eskimo dogs, make sure that they have dog certificates. The good Canadian Dog Breeds have been well-trained.

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Lastly, if you are confused to choose what kind of dog that you want to have as your pet, you can choose Canadian Eskimo Dog. Canadian Eskimo dog or Canadian Inuit dog is very loyal and brave. They are also alert, so you can have the best guardian for your house. Since this dog is very friendly, you can also play with them.

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