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German shepherd dog is a big and strong dog which is also famous for its high intelligence. German shepherd dog is a dog protector, therefore German shepherd dogs often used in the farms, military services, police departments or drugs agencies. Because German shepherd dogs are clever, strong, and loyal, we cannot give German dog names randomly. We should find a proper name that will emphasized their high quality traits. Here are several ideas of names for German shepherd.

Inspired by Military Names

Military is strong and fierce just like german shepherd dog. Thus, military names are suit for German shepherd dog names.

  • Rommel. It is inspired by the most famous German general in the WWII era, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. He was so clever that there were no generals could surpass his intelligence at making tactical strategies. Rommel was also famous for his loyalty to German people. The dog that is famous for its high intelligence and loyalty is suited best for the name of Rommel.
  • Panzer. Panzer is an armor in German language. Panzer tanks were magnificent and feared by the enemies at the wars. Therefore, Panzer is suit for German shepherd dog since it is also fierce to any strangers who are coming near the dog.
  • Luki. In German language, Luki means famous fighter. Luki is the perfect example for German names for dogs.

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Inspired by Noble Names

Noble is the high class in society. Noble is clever and aristocratic like the personality trait of German shepherd dog.

  • Heidi. Heidi means sweet and aristocratic in German language.
  • Maude. Maude means the power to face the battle. Maude is perfect for female German shepherd names because the dog is strong and agile.
  • Emory. Emory means leader. German shepherd who is good to herd the lambs or to find the detonator has leader role since a man can remember.
  • Volker. Volker means a warrior who guards and defends his master. German shepherd dog which is loyal to its owner is perfectly suit with Volker name.

Inspired by German Famous People

Famous people from German like Mozart, Beethoven, Kafka and many more, are the best options for male German shepherd names.

Inspired by German Words

German language has different vocabularies with English vocab. German shepherd dogs which are origin from Germany are suit for having the names that are inspired by German vocabularies.

  • Zutrauen. It means confidence. It is perfect for German shepherd which also has high confidence at their job.
  • Wissen. It means knowledge. It is perfect for German shepherd dog which is clever and famous for its high intelligence.
  • Vertrauen. It means trust. It is perfect for German shepherd names which is loyal to its owner and it is a pet for human to confide their secrets since German shepherd won’t tell anybody.
  • Stark. It means strong. It is a good name because the dog is really strong and agile.
  • Ergeben. It means devoted. It is a perfect word for German shepherd names since the dog is very loyal to its owner.

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