Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Information And Pictures

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Are you looking to know better about Bernese Mountain dog puppies and where to find them in Canada? Bernese is that one dog you NEED to have if you ever found yourself living in the mountains or the vicinity of mountains. Bernese is a mountain dog, and they will do better if you and the dog live near a mountain. This dog will do well in cold weather, and they will do significantly better compared to other dogs. Before this dog is tamed as a playmate (not that particular playmate if you get my meaning) for children and single people, this dog is a hard worker in Swiss farms. They are also sporty, which would make them a good companion for sporty people.

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mini bernese mountain dog puppies
bernese mountain dogs puppies

Interested in getting Bernese mountain dog pups? If you are a Canadian and you are interested in finding this cute and furry dog for your companion, then you should be glad that you find this article. Why should you be glad? This article here will help you in finding Bernese mountain dog breeders in Canada.

But before I write about the available breeders in Canada, let me talk a little bit about Bernese mountain dog itself.

The History and All About Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog is a dog bred for people with exquisite taste and for people who thought bulldogs are not for them. They are fluffy and graceful, and people with a taste for beautiful dogs will want to have them as their companion. They are friendly and well-mannered (though only if you trained them well) and they will get along with your friends and families as well. This dog is fiercely loyal, so if you already formed a bond with a Bernese mountain dog, be prepared for a lifelong friendship.

The Bernese mountain dog, like I had said from before, is one sporty dog. They are a good companion for sporty people and they are very active. Lazy people should not get this dog because if the dog is justify untrained, a Bernese mountain dog would not be a wonderful companion.

bernese mountain dog puppy
bernese mountain dog puppy pictures

This dog will get along well with children and are very easy to train (provided you invest some time in training them). If you have any other pet (perhaps a cat, a parrot, or a komodo dragon), a Bernese mountain dog will get along with them as well. I have a friend who own a Bernese mountain dog and she owns a cat as well. You might thought that they would fight (like that cartoon where a dog will always fight a cat), but in reality, both get along well.

A Bernese mountain dog puppy is also very cute, so it should add to the incentive of getting it.

Finding Bernese Mountain dog Puppies in Canada

Canada has their very own website dedicated in Bernese mountain dog. Their Bernese mountain dog club is very dedicated in keeping interested people informed. They also have a list of good Bernese mountain dog breeders, so I suggest you go give the website a visit at

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