Basset Hound Puppies Information And Pictures

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Have you heard about Basset Hound puppy? If yes, perhaps you also know that these basset hound breeders are famous for its unique features. How so? Well, basically, basset hound looks like Dachshund or Tekel dog. The typical dog has long body, short legs, and large ears. This dog is so special that it makes one of the famous fashion products chooses the dog as logo for their brand. Perhaps, you also have heard about this fashion product called Hush Puppies.

What makes Basset Hound perfect for family?

Basset hound puppies are considered as one of the most ideal family dogs. This dog is not just friendly; it is a perfect hunting dog too since it has sharp sense of smell. Other good quality from this dog is its loyalty towards its master. However, sometimes they appear to be ignorant. As dog owners, you should never feel worry whenever your friends come to visit you. Basset puppies are not aggressive to the strangers.

pictures of basset hound puppies
puppy basset hound

These dogs originally come from England; that is why it has big and strong bones just like other big dogs. Nevertheless, it has short legs and large ears. A lot of people actually consider the dog only as “companion”. In fact, the dog can also be a great guardian.

Physical Features 101

Whenever we talk about physical feature of a dog, basset hound has one of a kind. The skull of his head is quite big and proportional. Its skull looks like dome and its skin around its face is full of wrinkles, especially around its lips. Basset hound also owns a big and black nose. The upper and lower teeth have scissor bite. The pigment around its lips is dark. Basically, these dogs are cute and funny. It has dark brown or black eyes and most of the times they look as if they are sleepy. Such an adorable creature isn’t? As mentioned earlier, this type of dog has long and large ears. It can even touch the ground. The position of the beginning of the ear is in line with the eyes.

basset hound puppies ohio
basset hound puppies az

The next part is the neck, basset hound puppies have strong and muscles neck. It looks almost like a goose neck.

The front body of this dog is bloated and looks obvious from the front. If the tip of the chest if it is measures from the ground the size are not more than its front legs. The dog also has strong top line. Meanwhile, its back body has strong muscles with sharp elbow.

Basset hound has short hair cover all of its body. It is soft and usually has more than one colors like black and white, white and lemon, or three colors like black, white, and yellow. The male’s height can reach to 37, 5 cm tall and weighs 28 kg; meanwhile, the female one only about 33 cm tall and weighs 23 to 26 kg.

 basset hound puppies for sale craigslist
basset hound mix puppies

There are some disqualifications regarding this type of dogs that dog lovers should know before they adopt one. First of all, the male has no testicle or only one testicle. It has bright eyes and the ears are placed above the eyes. It has long and curly hairs and it can reach more than 37, 5 cm. Overall, Basset hound is one of the ideal dogs for family. You can train them as hunters for as long as you aware of their abilities.

Gallery of Basset Hound Puppies Information And Pictures

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