Australian Labradoodle Puppy Information And Pictures

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Australian Labradoodle is actually a crossbreed dog from crossing the Toy Poodle and the Labrador Retriever. It firstly appeared in the year around 1955. Unfortunately, it was not popular. Then in in the late of 1980, it became the starting point for the crossbreed showing its existence and action.

These labradoodle puppies used to be what we call as hypoallergenic guidance dog. In fact not all labradoodles are hypoallergenic. However the quality of the most will call this dog as crossbreed type.

mini australian labradoodle picture
australian labradoodles

The Types

Actually there is no certainty what types and appearances of the labradoodles. It is all based on the parents and grandparents. So, the various types may occur. Some are crossbreed from Labradors and poodle and the other is Labradoodles from the poodle, spaniel and Labrador. Here are some types:

– By the coat types: Hair coated (straight), fleece coated (wavy), and wool (Curly) coated.

– By the pedigree labradoodle: 1st generation (f1), 2nd generation (f2) or multigeneration.

– By colors: all poodle colors can be in its labradoodles with the most is brown, white and black.

For the weight, it varies based on the miniature (15-25 lbs), medium (17-20 inches) and standard ranges (21-24 inches)

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The History

Back then in the late 1980, one of Australian Labradoodle breeders named Wally Conron tried to cross the Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever in Victoria. The intention was to combine the trainability of the Labrador Retriver and the low – shedding coat from the poodle. From the crossbreed, he intended to create guide dog for people with allergies, as you can see that some people are allergic to dander and fur.

By Conro’s ten years of working on this, thankfully now the mini Australian labradoodle becomes world widely needed as assistance, therapy dogs, and guide. People like it because it is really cute but strong.

The Temperament and The Appearance

As they are crossbreed product, you can predict that they have unstable emotion or temperament. In 100, there will be at least one that has different unpredictable behavior.

If you think that labradoodle always has thick hair covering its body, there are some exceptions that the hair may be wiry to softer, curly, wavy, or straight. When you see straight coated of this dogs, you can call them as hair coat dogs. Then for the wavy coated ones, you call them fleece coats. And for the curly coated dogs, you can call them wool coats.

Its characteristics are friendly, good to families and children and energetic. You will find that the dogs can make you happier than before. You can also train them to be good swimmers.

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The Health

The labradoodles can get health problems like their breeding parents such as hip dysplasia. To check further info, you can ask the specialist in radiography to check the condition from the previous health problems.

And you can see the eye specialist veterinarian to check the eye disorders of these dogs. The most often illness come to the labradoodle is the progressive retinal atrophy as a inherited illness that causing blindness.

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